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Parola UmbrellasThe Shade Experts - Offering Italian Offset Patio Umbrellas Worldwide

The Shade Experts imports top quality offset patio umbrellas.

We are happy  to introduce an exclusive manufacturer of Italian offset patio umbrellas "Parola Umbrellas". Offering a diverse and full line especially for contract umbrellas and commercial umbrellas for use as restaurant umbrellas, or in hotels and clubs. Our offset umbrellas and patio umbrellas are also used in large scale commercial applications. These large commercial patio umbrellas are ideal to maximize your shaded area.

Please view the following pages of offset umbrellas and side post umbrellas for the best quality to be found in offset patio umbrellas. Also take a look at our aluminum market umbrellas and centerpost umbrellas that are available as and wood centerpost umbrellas and aluminum centerpost umbrellas.

View our:  Offset Umbrellas Movie (59MB)  Download our:  2009 catalogue(16MB)

Some of our large offset umbrellas include:  

The  Poker Offset Umbrella  one of our large offset umbrellas and the most unique cantilever umbrella. It consists of four patio umbrellas without the nuisance of having multiple center post umbrellas. One central pole maximizes your usable covered shade umbrella area. Available in 20x20ft or 26x26ft which gives you 400 to 676 square feet of usable area for additional table space or shade umbrella area. The entire offset umbrella structure can be easily taken down for storage during the off-season. Heavy duty steel construction and all replaceable parts provide incomparable durability. Order extra canopies to easily change the look and color scheme of your patio, restaurant or country club. Without the encumbrance of having multiple side post umbrellas or offset umbrellas. Available with optional rain gutters for useable outdoor space even as a rain umbrella as well as a shade umbrella.The entire structure is constructed from epoxy powder coated steel with an anti rust process applied. This entire structure is handmade in Italy by artisans with extreme attention to detail. The canopy is constructed of Corti fabric, the European equivalent to Sunbrella. This solution-dyed, 100% acrylic fabric is breathable and goes through an anti-mold treatment and is fade resistant, water, oil, and dirt repelling. Vents in the canopy and wind bars provide air passage to allow for more stability in heavier winds. This umbrella features all replaceable parts, which makes this an umbrella to last.

The Double offset umbrella is our latest innovation, providing double the shade with a single post, thus maximizing your shade and furniture placement. The Double side post is ideal for long narrow spaces. Available in 10x20’ or 13x26’ and providing 200 to 338 square feet of shaded area. Heavy duty steel construction with replaceable parts provides incomparable durability. Comes in brown/copper but can be custom ordered in ivory, green, black or many other different colors.

The Patio offset umbrella is our largest single side arm umbrella. Used for large patios and in commercial settings such as restaurant, hotel, and country clubs. The patented wind arm adds more stability to the structure and allows for covering large spaces in windier conditions. Making an elegant statement while maximizing coverage area.

 The Basic offset umbrella is one of our larger commercial grade single side post umbrellas. Used for large patios and commercial applications, such as restaurant, hotel, or country club settings. The Basic Side post umbrella represents the ideal choice for those who want durability without renouncing quality. The heavy duty steel construction comes in brown/copper or ordered in ivory, green, grey or many other different colors
The Stromboli offset umbrella is a perfect choice for those who want durability but prefer the aesthetic beauty of wood. Made from both steel and mahogany, it is both practical and elegant. All replaceable parts make this an umbrella to last a lifetime.
The Vulcano offset umbrella is the ideal choice for those who want durability without renouncing quality. With the side arm and post made entirely of powder-epoxy coated steel, it is ideal for more rugged conditions. The heavy duty steel construction comes in brown/copper or can be special ordered in ivory, black, green, grey or a variety of different colors

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