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Cantilever Umbrella-What Exactly Does that Mean???

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

vulcano_arcainiAlthough, the cantilever patio umbrella is becoming increasingly popular these days, many still are unfamiliar with this terminology. The cantilever umbrella is also referred to as the offset patio umbrellas. Simply said, the cantilever umbrella is a patio umbrella that has the umbrella post located to the side of the sunshade. Therefore, the sunshade is offset from the pole, hence the other name for these umbrellas is offset patio umbrellas. And yet to just confuse you more, it has yet another name is the side post umbrella. The advantages of having the sunshade of the patio umbrella located to the side, is that there is no wasted space due to the space of the post of the patio umbrella. So, whether you call it a cantilever umbrella, offset umbrella, or even a side post umbrella it may be the right option for you!! 

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