Prestige Centerpost

The Prestige Centerpost Umbrella 

The Elegant Umbrella” is one of our commercial grade center post aluminum umbrellas and is also available in mahogany or hard wood. The Prestige center-post umbrella is both elegant and robust and built to last with all parts interchangeable. The Prestige center-post umbrella is the choice for those who want durability and elegance.

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The Prestige Telescopic Centerpost Umbrella 

“The Intelligent Umbrella” ! The telescopic system allows to close the umbrella without clearing the area below (for example tables and chairs). The “Intelligent Umbrella” which thanks to the closing system from the interior of the umbrella allows the umbrella to close without the removal of the furniture underneath. 

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Prestige Maxi

The Prestige Maxi Centerpost Umbrella

The Giant Umbrella  is a central beam umbrella with frame and cover of the highest quality and with updated features like its aluminum ribs and steel telescopic pole which allows it to open up to dimensions of 49 square meters under a single umbrella canopy. 

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The Vulcano offset umbrella 

“The Versatile Umbrella” is one of our most popular offset umbrellas. It is extremely versatile and is the ideal choice for those who want durability without renouncing quality. With the side arm and post made entirely of powder coated-epoxy steel and all stainless steel accessories, it is ideal for more rugged conditions.

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Vulcano LX

The Vulcano LX  offset umbrella – 

“The Durable Umbrella” is the  larger counterpart of the Vulcano line. This being our largest commercial grade single side post umbrellas available in up to a 13×16.5 foot size. Used for large patios and commercial applications, such as restaurant, hotel, or country club settings and also in conjunction with the Double and Poker umbrella in larger installations. 

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The Bellagio Retractable Offset Umbrella 

“The Unique Offset Umbrella” The Bellagio is truly a unique offset umbrella and our larger commercial grade adjustable single side post umbrella. Used for large patios and commercial applications, such as restaurant, hotel, or country club settings where the need to change the position of the canopy is necessary in blocking out the sun. 

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Doppio senza mantovana

The Double Offset Umbrella 

“The Innovative Umbrella” is our Double Offset and our latest innovation, providing double the shade with a single post, thus maximizing your shade and furniture placement. The Double side post is ideal for long narrow spaces. Available in 10-20 or 13-26 and providing 200 to 338 square feet of shaded area. 

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Poker senza mantovana

The  Poker Offset Umbrella   

“Our Exclusively” The Steel Poker  side post umbrella is a unique design, featuring four umbrella canopies attached to only one central post; Available in 20×20’ or 26×26’. Maximizing your shaded area from 400 to 676 square feet of useable area for additional table space or additional shaded space; 

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